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高専から駅弁大学から東工大を経て大企業へ 浅く広い趣味とかキャリアの日記を

I'm going to study abroad in the UK!!!



What is your purpose to participate in this programme?

My research is focused on urban transportation. Metro system in London is developed such as Japan. Now that it is just old each other. Moreover, train crowded by many commuters. I hearted bicycles are useful in London. For example, bike lanes. Japanese one is developing now. It will be more important to introduce “MaaS.” However, Japan railway companies are too strong in economy to introduce it. I believe to get ideas by this program.

The other hand, urban environment is the biggest issue in the world. Further problems of landscape design, empty houses and so on in London are better than in Japan. I think there landscape is retro and artistic.

Therefore, I want to feel and research them so much and get friends. At last, my English skill is low. It is the best chance to make me motivated.


What is your opinion/idea about science communication?

I heard study flow and motive at the lecture by Ms. Tanaka, new TITech teacher. Her papers are focused on worldwide urban landscapes and opinions of civilians. The trigger of this was foreign people with her such as lab. member and teacher’s friend. I want to be like her.

Each city has not only similarities but also differences. For instance, the trip and train of my hobby. I know more about trains and tourist spots. Because I'm interested in them. I would teach Japanese transportation systems and culture etc., when I learn about London. It's give-and-take. I want to discuss them to make each city better one. And also, each member would share and obtain their liberal arts. Moreover, I want to learn something by logical thinking side.

I wrote about the transportation, but it would be same the science.


How do you relate your career/research to this overseas programme?

My research theme is urban transportation. This is as I said earlier. I believe to get the new perspective by this program.

I will get a job in real estate developer or railway company after graduated. These industries have more leadership than the other countries. However, overseas companies especially Asia are developing remarkably. Thus, Japan must be continuing to develop.

Because of that I should get various viewpoints, skills and liberal arts represented by English, and grow it to survive in the globalism world.