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高専から駅弁大学から東工大を経て大企業へ 浅く広い趣味とかキャリアの日記を

land use


This page is a lecture note of the link above. 
It's just a memo, but I posted it. Because we are free in the self-restraint mood of COVID19.


plan book long
quite different area
japan focus on urban district area
us focus on all area include suburb
each village have own plan
separate regulation is bad because of uneven
gov. should focus on public school local; unurban area
coordination transportation
regional plan org. RPA
pre popular 15 y NY metro area
relate other prefecture in Tokyo
so cannot coordinate railway
raise money self?
doesn't have overall planning, but good paper; planning
drop out opportunity is no downer
talk about benefit
master plan zoning: ex: mixed use zone
people argue
crazy NY justification_?:devolution in my perspective: 委譲*
housing value -> pushed out: ex: block
increase tax
*paper to paper developer
public partnership
building is good
housing, change income area by national much sport

3 level: national, state, local
telling from state to local is specifically,?but dilemma?
good plan: apply?
land use written about zoning: future land use plan
safety is important by disaster
noise is interesting seemed only CA
each dept. is very long as 100 pages

20 y later change by clime change etc.
so change water front along river construct plan due to no sense

NY more 15 elements such as transport, public infra., each agency's plan
snap shoot due to benchmark ex: small village plan
so that can find, review new section as sustainability in 10 y later as process!
concern in local small level
how often: usually 20 y
different zoning time span 4,5 y
overlapping period each member buntan
south west area in NYS have plan, but north, east area don't have
regulation is worse so landscape is bad too
national level also same too
specify, suggest, neither plan: bad Texas
good seaside
jurisdiction 85% area***
livability mean quality life is important is not sustainability
1: rational planning, 2: consensus building, 3: urban design
1: database
2: expectable
open doc.
enhance discus?
agreement throughout consensus

Denver is good by Metro 2035
layer & agreement sympathy
different approach by anco?
neighborhood town
homework fulton 69-78


tochikukakuseirijigyo similar: subdivision
sufficient access: fundamentally?
complain with every stakeholder in US
developer have large right as vote if land is large
in Japan can be separate and sell land
ex: no choose in nice tree district separating
there is not subdivision understandable as fire-car in CA in long time ago 1800 s
small district in homework book is useless
later it become issue due to town reach and leave owner
then the land used for x'mas gift

regulation was not required in NYS
esp access for sustainability
pulley typical
vegetation: CA slide down is now dangerous
10 require: ex: open space, sidewalk, turn lane,river side walk, wider next road: 8 m,, in OH
4 acres become 3 acres so housing 12 to 9 decrease due to requirement
different way each country, same as state: US crazy by teacher say
construct by 100% agreement? with public record
presentation talk about plan for civilian: 2nd preliminary stage
others are 1st concept/ 3rd final
housing standard
not necessary all require achieves by local government ex: child~school fee
though it seem too much money
if large scale development environment review is necessary
NYS is less require than CA
local is strong so safe
only road constructed without houses due to housing crisis in 2008
so that US governments are building is not support because it is only market
castle houses area for vacation which unique person my opinion
case study
subdivision is to protect open space as more environment friendly
so 40% area is underdevelopment than district area 2%
cluster effective: protecting farmer
?important thing?
20 housing->12 housing
regulatory taking: 'too far'
>'nexus', 'rough proportionally'


mixed use building in district: residential & commercial
developer own(&official) policy: EIS, EIR
strong movement
in 1960, in EIS, everybody payed become to developer more paying
so civilian can pay for school etc. it is better
big real estate project by "value capture"
negotiate to come up with stakeholders on table so that making everybody happy
landmark such as church protect strong preservation in NY
so air right is protect too and near building decrease space ever
midtown is difficult but? several opportunities
public pay for good urban environment as walk road
$50 million! for only 1 church of million squire feet air right as additional air fare
start 40,50 years ago
private money as value capture!!!
tax or government money///
CA first require environment review & NY follow it:
Japan is smaller than US
cant exclude/ all elements should be reviewed local government too
General EIS: impact/ mitigate developer...?
ex: Georgia developer don't like EIS because of expensive
balance all elements is important
involved agency (have to make decision) approve directly
EPA: environment p agency
ex: community group such as river keeper in waterfront
policy action: principal responsible
developer should explain why do project
this evaluation process 12 layer long one
2nd process: classify action: often considering farmer: very difficult
or how many family in a resident is important, great
3rd: complete EAF: environment assesment form->full, no, short(solute by decoration to full some require)
4th: coordinate review within 30 days
other district cant say anything, decide themselves rightly ex: if high price land, no right
call "hard rock"
5th: determine significance
30 days minimum public comment: final decision
scoping: analyzing build building or not
6th: scoping: like say upper: people suggest mixed idea as local knowledge in 60 days
7th: prepare DEIS: draft one
to answer, review people question to make final one
ex: EIS made by 4900 pages
8th: acceptance DEIS
9th: public hearing(opt) by newspaper, Facebook,,
11th: FEIS: final one
response every cancel
CA like Shibuya stream as mixed use by developer
it was typical US downtown as 11 ha parking
residential project in waterfront near George Washington bridge
zoning analysis & reviews etc.
show pictures as before after for easy to understand impact




Society 5.0
1 2 3: industrial 4 5: IT
japan sustainability good
LEED resister is low Japan
WELL certificated UK, US, Chine,major countries,,, Japan(lower)


private top esp initial
not planning stupid*
Euclid zoning as last class mass/
incentive zoning popular Japan NY/
floating zoning effective
cluster zoning-> open space
different use overlay at zoning to introduce existing
ex: industry to residential mixed
market decide land use/?: PUD
3 type post modern urban planning preservation: historic
new urban-ism: form based: as access shop replace parking area
danger clime change to make new zoning!
!smart growth!
source: RERC's 1974
decrease utilities and roads cost decrease with city density
NJ plan is based on those
Oregon strong state as top-down different from Maryland
simple good plan open space plan in NY
green+grey=growth! in Oregon plan
and village design guideline for developer
clear message with pictures
wall, window, pedestrian road, open space, solar etc.
booming downtown/
issue: sustainability meaning is different for each people
window can be opened in EU building but US one cannot so air conditioner is too task so it is not environment soundly not friendly
shibuya stream is good for pedestrian way garden
TIFF: tax :pict?
ex: Tuckahoe
NY increase compare state

nihonbashi talking mori building: next: check pdf


disaster: public safety
population density-> narrow go down water
civilization impact for water system
made on concrete!
taking sight
less impact env. :hydrology: LID
overflow rain bridge in NY
usually use space by siphon
so it is clean there bay, sea
->catch, release slowly
why reason NY development since from 1970
flexibility all people can access
zoning wind
case study!


enter as discuss homework: other one talk about danchi
gov. responsibility house esp for low income as school
so even work hard esp black in past
carbine green
built pipes with houses like danchi supplied as unit freeze in winter in Chicago
1976 stop investing
"sub-city" demand so move house unit area private market face to have to change
so market get out
government house (is sounds good
living opportunity everywhere so ex to moving to enter kids good school
cf: pict
very bank cash get later so can build house
Japan even lower
no more market(Sun Francisco:0.002%)
house price bubble up lose value
increase population (&tax)
house life cycle is longer as 100 y US than Japan
8% bacon city rate
0.002%: it doesn't work: really expensive: low income regular market pushed out: hard market in capital city like Tokyo
so city cancel: local resident due to this power
opinion complain suggest recommendation by each local people
gov. budget: trash collection/more parking...
ULURP: "as of right" is not just zoning because of no review as no comment, design blight framework due to strong power have good/bad point
developer hate its process because of more time & money<?
uniform land use review!
behind plan! *review, public comment
now stakeholder right is better as neighborhood plan
20% bonus: tall mansion in residential zoned area: FIR
manufacture is low density
commercial is middle density overlay to low impact commercial not Tokyo
end of zoning is contextual zoning as ex beautiful wall!!!
light for street such as hikage
median income!?
next 3 color map show life cost i.e. bukka
ex Detroit very high income difference midtown is higher so not lank in
along avenue is higher and higher density as pink
ask developer to enhance updated zoning area construction as bonus etc.(? to zoning get change
>economic diversity: healthful city
invite high income area people: displacement
share space effort to be same density
4 options widely affordability
4th option: rage for school, fireman
regal challenge over regulate economic investment: effort such as hikage, parking: additional capacity such as Japanese one
slides show FIR increase
context of after one is variable, bad
donuts!!! putting land use & building design
decision process pass*


3 in 5 people is not qualify: such as want be
decision color, shape,,
Mac Cafe in Taiwan
regulation in 2007 Kyoto
no growth build
funny houses: tea pod, train,,,
people think crazy->maybe
cheap type sign: p1
donuts shop is different each place due to area regulation: design guideline
so garden city is better
chine town is great!
each issue defined clearly & kindly
7 styles architecture/
consistently strongly
review is important for developer because who decide
for place making
flexibility is prepare for clients say no as alt, adopted
village in town
people make sense cross road}
big box store: 5000m2: exceptional place
they called cate. killer: 4 cate. in retail(next)
<-single use replace to mixed use
place to place: as replace
form base code: new kind type zoning!!!
setback, SIR,,,
change overtime
separation zoning uses
transect is separate nature/urban level: hybrid: defined detail for each zoning
questioner in web, smart phone so easily in survey
dark means form base in fig cg image
too much large space become better town by some new elements
sec2: how behave?
first define by street type not area!
setback define max & min and recession building highness
sec4 use: like regular zoning
non conforming: written about existing building, maintain,,
fail get worth ex
Walmart kills env ex waterfront
should diet for plant trees