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高専から駅弁大学から東工大を経て大企業へ 浅く広い趣味とかキャリアの日記を

Report of UK abroad


I went to short abroad in London, UK. I visited museum and several institutions. I learned how to tell children the science as a museum. And I thought policies are very important. They are different from Japanese one. It is very essential and functioning efficiently, so that they make civilian understanding of the sciences and technologies. I think Japanese one must improve.


I was going to learn the communication between government and civilian in the urban planning via the science communication. Especially as a method and process. Urban planning was born in UK first in the world and developing as the top of the world. I learn about its circumstance. So, I will want to use it for future works.
Moreover, I would not only hear institutions as a supplier, but I would also ask civilian as a receiver that they how to think the science and urban planning. So, I would check achievements of government targets.

Detailed schedule

8/25: Immigration

8/26-8/29: Science Museum
8/26: museum introduction by Jin
8/27: how to make projects by Jessie
8/28: how to promote interest of children by shows and lectures by Micol & Scout
8/29: how to tell by Presentation by Jin

Morning: The Royal Society
Relationship between royal family and science
Afternoon: POST: The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology
How to publish science magazines and enhance interest of science
Extra: guided palace of Westminster by Jonathan

8/31: Victoria & Albert Museum
Asking civilian in the museum questions
9/1: London Transport Museum
Exhibition of history and modern of London transportation

Morning: The Royal Institution
History of science development with scientists and civilian
Afternoon: Royal Academy of Engineering
How to tell teenager engineering

9/4: Departure


It’s important to protect the process in UK. Especially the first policy is the basement of the process then. Such as a policy maker. For example, in POST, they follow the evidence policy process made by the other department. Next, they choose papers by interest of civilian and proceed systematic review. They summary it and publish a magazine. It is only 4 pages and easy to read. And, they try to reach children the science. They often cooperate with a school and use advertisements. The issue of micro plastic was representative result in POST.
Science museum usually also focuses on children. It is not usually close to adults, but it’s also held the night museum for them from 18:45. For example, contents are the lesson of driverless, silent disco, drive simulation, pedestrian simulation by VR and usually exhibitions. Moreover, the exhibition is changing by every 3 months not to get bored. Museum try to tell a story of technologies, make comers more sense and promote understand by models, shows, graphs and games. Then, it is important to tell just one message.
Next, most agencies are helped a little by tax income. Science museum gets more money by admission fee special exhibition. And we can enter free in most museums. So civilian can be close to many exhibitions and opportunities to learn. The other institutions are not government too. They cannot enable to make a budget from government.
I asked civilian 3 questions. First one is” science/ urban planning is important or not”. This question was how to ask was bad. Most people answered important each. I should ask by binary such as science or economics.
Second one is “Where do you want to live? Urban or suburb”,” Which is more important environment or economics?” Living area is large variation. But most people answered environment is more important. It looks high interested of environment in UK. I felt that Japan which has 4 seasons should promote ourselves it.
Finally, “How do you think/feel the Underground/ car travel? Is it comfortable/ useful?” Most people feel the underground useful. But the car is not similar result. Who one asked me “where are you think of driving a car?”. It was an unexpected for me. So, answers of this question are worse. However, I thought it in London, after that. The other hand, a comfortable is spread in each travel modes. Thus, I think Londoner have dissatisfy to move.
Finally, I show distribution of answers as pictures in order. Here, red mean a car and blue mean an underground in the 3rd picture.

Future prospects

I’d like to compare with Japanese. Thus, I check that governments or companies compliance to themselves or high organizations’ policies by journal papers and statics. “Compliance” is becoming more important in Japan too. In the same vein, I want to ask Japanese 3 questions.
And, If I can, I want to relate this classes and survey results with my research. I think Japanese urban planning can improve due to government’s work and accompanying civilians’ understanding. So, I will study and work by this perspective. Finally, this abroad is useful for future work too such as the perspective changing and experience of oversea.


Policies are often neglected in Japan. In my opinion, in the first place, policies made by government is worse and only imitated on the surface. It is not understandable because text is too long to read. It should be more popular and general such as children can understand. However, governments are busy very much. We should look back the necessary of each task. I feel Japanese employees are stressful, but in UK is not such as a commute and how to work. Employees in UK were using smartphone in a work free time. We should work lightly due to fundamental tasks. Finally, I wish policy will become better, so that all tasks improve. Then Japan become richer as mental and economics.