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recommend books in last year

Last year, I communicated with HR staff on our company.

I talked about books then.

Nowday, I stocked read books more so that I can also recommend more deeply:)

I want to summarize and write detial listed books in previous entry in the short term future.




Excuse me. This is PRIVATE message. Nice to meet you.
My hobby is also reading books. So I recommend you my favorites, especially famous one or important for you or us. I don't know what genre do you like, let me know it. Also let me know your favorites too! I can't read long book written by English yet.


Author is printed our highest money. He was an enlightenment and opened Keio univ whom our many co-worker graduated. He said common sense or just argument for example government should not instruct private company many time. That's way it is interesting now age.

2. Ballot Eric, Meller Russell, Montreuil Benoit: Physical Internet(PI)

We are introducing ***. However, this mechanism(PI) show it is bad. For total optimization, this book recommends alliance whole all logistics companies. This is written in English and also translated Japanese. I read later.


3.Tsedal Neeley: The Language of Global Success: How a Common Tongue Transforms Multinational Organizations

I think ******. But it is interested in communication culture and it is very important for you as human resource department.



I have not read it. But below introduction is really excited. I was also 無い内定 last year and 理系 similar to hero written it.